Images tell stories. They sell subscriptions, and products and political offices. But more importantly, images preserve memories of the times we've had, and the people we've loved and befriended, in the places we've been. They can make us laugh, or weep, or simply overpower us with that most precious of feelings - wonder.

As a kid, I learned to love photography through my parents and grandparents while pouring over boxes full of old photographs. They revealed so much about the people I knew. And the people they knew.

I love to photograph almost everything. If you happen to pass along River Drive, you may see my patient dog sitting next to me while I try to capture the face of an insect, or peculiar flower, or one of the magnificent birds drawn to the Mississippi River.

And of course, there is always my favorite subject - people.

If you need a personal or professional portrait or have a business, event or product you want to promote, please get in touch with me. I’d love to see if I can help.


Call or text: 563-370-7073

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